Predictive Personalization

Individualized E-commerce Recommendations

Celect Predictive Personalization helps the world’s largest retailers personalize the online shopping experience down to the individual customer. Celect provides individualized recommendations by tracking behavior across various activities including transaction logs, image data, browse history, product reviews, social channels, and abandoned carts.

With this data, Celect builds a choice model for each customer that dynamically changes with every action so they find what they want in the shortest amount of time. Each click, page-view, and sentiment adjusts their e-commerce personalized recommendations on a real-time basis.




Increased Conversions

Show your customer products they want based on their own behavior and actions, adapting to changing preferences. Unlike other personalization solutions, Celect maps preferences to the individual, offering unique and tailored recommendations.

Effective Cross-Sells

Identify complimentary items to increase the size of shopping carts and encourage repeat customers. Exploit undiscovered product interactions over multiple selections producing accurate recommendations, encouraging additional purchases.


Stronger Preference Signals

Stitch together layers of products, customers, product images, and behavior to create an accurate model of what to recommend to each person.

Agile Recommendations

The Celect Choice Engine produces real-time recommendations, quickly reacting to changing market conditions and trends. Recommendations need no "data warmup" and are shown as they happen instead of batched together periodically.

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