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Meet Your Merchandise Financial Targets 

Celect Plan & Buy Optimization is built to recommend exact spend across departments, classes, and locations to help you maximize revenues and margins. Based on inputs from existing merchandise financial plans and award-winning advanced analytics, Celect intelligently determines the optimal mix of choice counts to meet revenue and margin targets — seamlessly integrating with your existing planning solution or system of record.

The result is optimized merchandise plans that reflect localized store demand to drive your merchandise buys — making them more accurate and productive, with fewer over-buys, markdowns, and stock-outs.

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Optimize Your Merchandise Plan and Buys with Advanced Analytics

Celect Plan & Buy Optimization seamlessly integrates into your existing MP&A process.

Optimized Merchandise Planning

View actionable style and unit quantities needed to meet localized demand across stores, at all levels of the merchandise hierarchy. Celect Plan & Buy Optimization provides predicted choice counts for an ideal assortment to achieve financial plan targets.

Maximized Inventory Investments

Celect offers demand-based predictions, giving you the ability to consistently meet margin and revenue targets. The result is improved inventory-related decisions while leveraging advanced analytics across the merchandise planning process.


Deliver Productive Inventory

Put an end to making “flat bets” across the product line — buying excessive amounts of inventories to ensure product availability. Reducing extreme over buys lowers inventory cost and the need for markdowns, while meeting target sell-through rates.

Seamlessly Cohesive Approach

Deliver the optimal assortment mix and accurate buy quantities by leveraging merchandise financial plan revenue and margin goals, along with demand-based insights to maximize sell-through.  

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