Webcast Replay - How Lucky Brand Eliminates Inventory Guesswork with AI-Driven Allocation & Fulfillment

Lost sales and markdowns cost retailers $1.4 trillion and remains one of the biggest challenges in retail today. To thrive in a hyper-competitive market, retailers are turning to AI and optimization to eliminate inventory guesswork so they can make better, more profitable merchandising, allocation and fulfillment decisions. 

Miles Barger, VP of Merchandise Planning, Allocation, and Inventory Optimization at Lucky Brand, shares how his team is embracing AI to optimize allocation and store fulfillment with Celect.

Watch the webcast to learn about:

  • Why previous allocation and fulfillment processes were inefficient
  • How Lucky Brand was able to rethink style allocation and predict localized demand
  • Ways Lucky Brand changed its fulfillment approach to pull inventory from slow-turning stores and speed up order delivery
  • The operational impact of inventory optimization – avoiding markdowns, minimizing sellouts, increasing full-price sales and maximizing gross margins
  • How Lucky Brand significantly increased sell-through and margin with Celect Allocation and Fulfillment Optimization