Fulfillment Optimization

The "Last Mile" Supply Chain Challenge

With increasing ways for customers to interact and rising expectations, retailers must manage multiple sources of demand related to "buy online pick-up in-store", "ship from store", and "buy online return in-store". With Celect Fulfillment Optimization, retailers can intelligently leverage store inventories to fulfill online orders, without negatively impacting in-store assortments for foot traffic. This enables retailers to enhance their traditional rules-based Order Management Systems (OMS) with predictive analytics and real-time optimization capabilities. 




Intelligently Leverage Stores

Fulfill online orders from stores without negatively impacting product selection, assortment, or the overall experience of your local shoppers. Know which stores can handle the demand and which can't.

Lower Shipping Costs

Minimize split shipments while simultaneously choosing the optimal shipping mode, location, and zone. Ensure customer happiness with faster shipping times and complete deliveries.



Accurately Predict Demand

Enhance your existing rules-based Order Management System (OMS) with predictive analytics and real-time optimization capabilities. Dynamically adjust order fulfillment source based on demand across your supply chain.

Avoid Excess Inventory

To keep up with changing demand, retailers often over supply warehouses, distribution centers, and even stores, with inventory in an attempt to avoid stock outs. Understand true customer demand across stores to ensure inventory is in the right place and at the right quantity. 

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