Intelligently Leverage Store Inventories to Fulfill Online Orders

Retailers are rethinking the role of the store to provide access to merchandise when, how and where the shopper wants it. Customers want convenience, which has led to enhanced fulfillment offerings such as buy online and return to store, buy online and ship from store, or buy online and pickup in store. As a result, retailers are challenged to manage inventories and multiple sources of demand when customers expect everything, everywhere, all the time. The store is no longer just a showroom for brand exposure or customer-product interaction; it’s now also a fulfillment center for online orders. These new options, however, are placing an enormous strain on inventories and clouding demand forecasts. 

With Celect Fulfillment Optimization, retailers can intelligently leverage store inventories to fulfill online orders, without negatively impacting in-store inventories for foot traffic. This enables retailers to enhance their traditional rules-based Order Management Systems (OMS) with advanced analytics and real-time optimization capabilities to help avoid markdowns and lost sales, decrease fulfillment costs, and increase full-price sales.

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Predict Demand to Optimize Inventories 

Predict the true consumer demand to understand which stores have more inventory than demand requires, all while balancing cost and speed to your customer. Leverage predicted demand to fulfill online orders from stores with higher in-season supply, without negatively impacting product selection, assortment, or the overall experience of your local shoppers. 

Avoid Excess Inventory

To keep up with changing demand, retailers often over-supply warehouses, distribution centers, and even stores, with inventory in an attempt to avoid stockouts — which instead ends up causing excessive markdowns, eating into profits and margin.



Deliver Faster, Lower Shipping Costs

Minimize split shipments while simultaneously choosing the optimal shipping mode, location, and zone. Ensure customer happiness with faster shipping times and complete deliveries.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Ensure the delivery choice, delivery timeframe, and inventory availability is met for each point of purchase (in-store or online). Reduce split-shipments and protect inventory for the most valued customers.


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