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Maritime Domain Awareness

Powerfully accurate predictions 

In a constant race to anticipate and detect major socio-political events across the world, the U.S. Government and Intelligence Community is looking to machine learning and advanced analytics to deliver mission-critical insights with extreme accuracy. 

Purpose-built for high-scale optimization across very large, sparse data sets, the Celect Federal Intelligence Suite delivers decision-support and meaningful predictions for some of the most critical scenarios facing federal agencies today.

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Award-winning science boosts precision by leveraging context and weaving together multiple disparate, and typically sparse data sets together to provide more accurate and precise predictions.


Celect provides full transparency to the underlying data used to drive the predictive analytics. You will “see” the source data that served as the basis for the prediction to drive trust in the results, so you can take swift action.


The Celect Predictive Analytics Platform is deployed as an on-premises or cloud-based SaaS solution, leveraging numerous open-source technologies — with enterprise-class flexibility and scale to support high-volume compute and massive amounts of data.

Celect Federal Intelligence Suite

The Celect Federal Intelligence Suite was developed to specifically address the challenges facing the federal intelligence community today. Leveraging award-winning, patented science from MIT, Celect has the unique ability to provide event predictions and uncover anomalous patterns from incomplete data sources with extreme accuracy and precision.


Accelerate Your Mission

Celect is delivering mission-critical insights to the Federal Defense, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities. We help answer your hardest and most important questions - extracting meaningful predictions and decision-support from noisy, unstructured, multi-source data. Celect provides you with a flexible and scalable way to aid decision support, without a team of data scientists.



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