When it comes to getting the right inventory in the right place, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the game as we know it.

Today, retail allocation teams have plenty of data, yet most lack insight on where to best place merchandise to meet customer preferences and expectations. In fact, 53% of unplanned markdown costs are a result of inventory misjudgments, including misallocating inventory. This indicates there's a ton of room for improvement; as such, many retailers are turning to AI to help drive smarter allocation decisions. 

Join us on Wednesday, June 26th @ 1 pm ET for a live demo of Celect Allocation Optimization to learn how retailers are using AI to :

  • Improve margins, reduce out-of-stocks, and decrease markdowns
  • Allocate based on store-level demand (including potential demand from walk-in, BOPIS, or online orders shipped from store)
  • Optimize the inventory placed in the store by allocating various styles at the same time (more than just a batch optimization, but rather a true optimization approach)
  • Consider multiple business objectives simultaneously
  • Plus, lessons learned from Celect implementations

It's all going down on Wednesday, June 26th, at 1 pm ET.

Sign up today for more insight into why retailers like Lucky Brand, Aldo, and Urban Outfitters, are turning to Celect—recently recognized in The Leading 100, an annual list that recognizes break-out technology start-ups driving innovation in the fashion and retail industry — to drive margins and improve inventory decision-making.


Sean Gouldson

Sr. Director of Retail Technology at Celect

As Sr. Director of Retail Technology at Celect, Sean brings 2 decades of experience in retail and e-commerce to bear helping customers understand how to take advantage of the solutions that Celect offers.  Prior to Celect, Sean held a variety of sales and technology evangelism roles, most recently leading the Oracle Commerce sales consulting team for North America. Sean holds degrees in anthropology from Harvard University and computer science from Boston University.


Andrea Morgan-Vandome

Chief Marketing Officer at Celect

As Chief Marketing Officer at Celect, Andrea brings over two decades of experience working with retailers around the world on their merchandise planning, inventory, supply chain, and omni-channel store challenges. Previous roles include Global Vice President of IBM Watson, where she delivered the first repeatable AI/ML offerings at IBM, and Global Vice President of Strategy and Solutions at Oracle Retail.