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With groundbreaking advancements in machine learning and optimization technology, Celect allows Fortune 500 retailers to make smarter decisions throughout the merchandise planning process — ultimately enabling brands to boost revenue and margins by millions of dollars.

Hear what ALDO Group & Lucky Brand have to say about Celect below  

What They're Saying

“Retail is in a transformational phase and we are excited to continue our growth with Celect through advanced analytics and optimization.”

Jennifer Maks, SVP of Omnichannel


“Today we’re looking at what the next opportunities are and how we can continue to move forward. Our investment in Celect is a big step in that direction."

Karen Walter, SVP of Planning & Allocation



In the News

“We believe Celect offers retail partners an innovative solution to solving inventory optimization challenges through the use of big data and predictive analytics as retailers work through the merchandising and planning process.”

Cowen Research, Re-Think Retail: The Store Must Do More, Ahead of the Curve

"Celect helps retailers understand how products interact with each other because of various effects such as cannibalization, halo substitutability, via its Celect Choice Engine. Using this model engine, retailers can determine the optimal mix of products for a location through intelligent location-level assortment optimization."

Gartner, Cool Vendors in Retail Merchandising and Marketing

"Historically, most merchandising decisions have been made using simple spreadsheets and gut instinct. With Celect, retailers now have a more precise and granular way to understand how customers choose between products, and how products interact with each other."

The Robin Report, Startups with Big Retail Impacts