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Celect’s Inventory Optimization Platform provides a repeatable, cloud-based offering that delivers the prediction and optimization building blocks needed to support Celect’s Inventory Optimization Suite (Plan & Buy Optimization, Allocation Optimization and Fulfillment Optimization), as well as the ability to incorporate prediction and optimization capabilities into other applications via APIs. The scalable, repeatable platform delivers:

  • Flexible modeling approaches
  • A patented approach to hyperlocal, context-aware demand prediction
  • A patented approach to opportunity-aware and uncertainty-sensitive optimization
  • Investigation and modeling tools for the data scientist
  • A real-time, API based integration framework

  Solution Overview (pdf)


Logical Representation of Celect Inventory Optimization Platform



* Celect patented modeling techniques

Next-Generation Prediction & Model Automation

Celect uses AI-based models (a combination of industry standard ML, DL, or Celect patented models) to power predictions and determine the most appropriate model for the specific retail challenge. In addition, the platform simultaneously tests and refines hundreds of advanced models, far beyond what is possible with traditional demand forecasting. The optimal model is applied, continuously monitored for accuracy, and continue to improve using supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. 


Domain-Specific Language (NABEE)

Celect delivers tools through the domain-specific language (NABEE) to ensure large data sets can be uploaded, managed and ingested at scale. The common modeling interface provides flexibility around how models are created, allowing models to be combined and data sets to be added with ease.


Optimization Services

Predictions are combined with AI-driven optimization services to account for realistic business objectives and constraints. Celect’s patented approach to optimization is unique because it considers the opportunity cost for the optimization challenge at hand, while also accounting for multiple objectives at scale, the assortment implications, and the risk/uncertainty associated with predicted demand.  

API Framework

Celect’s platform is a Kubernetes-based, microservices architecture. Our API-based integration framework provides a model for real-time and batch interactions. We provide flexible data ingestion pipelines for training data, and REST / gRPC APIs for querying our prediction endpoints.

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