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Deliver Allocations Reflecting Store-level Demand

Celect Allocation Optimization integrates with existing planning solutions to ensure visibility and allocation of purchase orders to stores based on localized demand. While optimizing allocations, Celect considers multiple variables including predicted demand for product attributes, existing store inventory, and constraints such as min/max presentation.   

Get predictive insights and guidance, driven by machine learning. Place each product, considering all attributes, at the right store in-season or during pre-season allocation planning. 

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Your Product in the Right Place

Place each product in the right store location while meeting business contraints, considering product attributes (style, color, etc) and localized demand.

Data-Driven Allocation

Store allocations are driven by optimized data from all of your purchase orders, supply chain inventories, and ultimately reflecting store demand.


Synced with You

Seamlessly import data from your Allocation system, choosing any available purchase order(s) for optimization across all stores. Export your optimized allocations to your allocation system or download into a spreadsheet.

Bottom-Up Approach

Understand product demand based on granular style details across attributes. See how adjusting each attribute impacts demand at each store — letting you know how the selected purchase orders should be adjusted based on actual store demand. 

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