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Celect in 60 Seconds


Reveal True Demand

Expose and analyze the impact of customer choices for more effective assortments and a highly accurate view of future demand.

Data Sources

Leverage Existing Data

You have an overwhelming amount of data from many sources. Uncover accurate and meaningful insights to make better decisions.


Optimize Inventory

Reduce inventory stock outs and markdowns by intelligently fulfilling omnichannel demand.

Customer Choice Modeling

Leverage omni-channel data you already have to develop a granular and precise understanding of how your customers choose. Determine the optimal assortment based on customer preference and product interactions.

Revolutionary Science

Celect’s technology builds on a fundamental advance in Machine Learning. MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory called this one of the 50 greatest innovations it has produced.

Celect Choice Engine

As the world’s first fully data-driven, SaaS-based, customer choice modeling suite, the Celect Choice Engine provides retailers with actionable insight into how customers choose.

What people Are Saying

"In the new digital economy, retailers can best gain competitive advantage through the application of algorithms that reduce costs and grow top-line revenue, according to Gartner, Inc."

Gartner press release, Gartner Says Retailers Must Use Algorithms for Competitive Advantage

"We have now reached a tipping point with consumers expecting everything available everywhere all the time. Meeting this expectation while simultaneously reducing inventory is simply impossible without advanced analytics."

Bryan Eshelman, former COO of Aldo Group

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