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Optimize inventories to boost margins See Your ROI

Celect is transforming retail inventory decision-making through patented, award-winning, AI-powered inventory optimization. Our specialty is delivering margin improvements by increasing full price sell-through, reducing out-of-stocks, and decreasing markdowns.

Celect in 60 Seconds



Align Inventory to Hyperlocal Demand

Traditional forecasting methods and rules-based execution systems don't address the data challenges retailers face today. Leverage data more effectively through patented, AI-driven algorithms to align inventory to hyperlocal demand predictions. 

Data Sources

Optimize Inventories in an Omnichannel Environment

Today’s consumer has more ways to shop than ever before, placing enormous strains on inventories & demand forecasting. Optimize inventory decisions with Celect to consider all forms of demand (walk-in, BOPIS, online, etc.).


Drive Rapid ROI by Enhancing Existing Solutions

Augment existing execution systems (planning, allocation, OMS) in 3-6 months with Celect’s AI-based solutions to move away from rules-based processes and drive optimal inventory decisions.

What people Are Saying

"Retail is in a transformational phase and we are excited to continue our growth with Celect through advanced analytics and optimization."

Jennifer Mak, SVP of Omnichannel at the ALDO Group

"Celect is going to help you maximize placement of merchandise and also best determine where to fulfill from to maximize full-price selling and gross margins."

Michael Relich, COO of  Lucky Brand

Demand Prediction & Optimization

Leverage omni-channel data you already have to develop a granular and precise understanding of localized demand. Determine the optimal assortment based on customer preference and product interactions.

Revolutionary Science

Celect’s underlying technology and intellectual property builds on a fundamental advance in Machine Learning. MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory called this one of the 50 greatest innovations it has produced.

Celect Engine

Powering the world’s first fully data-driven, SaaS-based Inventory Optimization Suite purpose-built for retail, the Celect Engine delivers actionable insights and critical decision support through advanced analytics.

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