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Customer Choice Modeling

Customers choose in very complex ways. At Celect, we leverage omni-channel data you already have to understand each customer’s product preferences.  With a more granular and precise understanding of how your customers choose, Celect helps retailers determine 'what to put where' based on customer buying patterns.

Customer Choice Modeling
The Celect Choice Engine

The Celect Choice Engine

Leverage the world’s first fully data-driven customer choice modeling suite. Celect's SaaS-based Choice Engine leverages the variation in choice by each customer at each decision point, to build out a robust choice model, providing retailers with actionable insight in to how customers choose.

Revolutionary Science

Celect’s technology builds on a fundamental advance in Machine Learning. MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory called this one of the 50 greatest innovations it has produced.

Revolutionary Science

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7%+ Revenue Increases

Optimized, hyper-local store assortments produced via Celect Choice Engine yield big revenue increases for the same spend.

10X+ ROI

The ROI on the Celect Choice Engine is dramatic — much greater than 10X — and visible in weeks.

Big Data. Big Collaboration.

Celect coordinates buying, merchandising and merchandise financial planning by extracting operational insight from Big Data.

"Celect ... allows us to leverage customers’ omnichannel purchase and browse behavior to identify merchandise localization opportunities. We believe that localization can allow us to further increase market share in our low-volume doors."


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